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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


General facilities for open space include general security, general decoration in and around exhibition halls, signage, general illumination inside and outside hall, cleaning of aisles and exterior, general publicity for visitor promotion.
Built up stall – area as per layout (shell stall 3m X 2m). Package & facilities for built up stalls includes back and the side partitions, Names in English with stall number written in uniform style, one plug point per stall, one spotlight, one table, two chairs, general security in the halls, general decoration in and around halls, general publicity for attracting visitors. Facilities for Projector, TV & DVD hire extra.


Allocation of stalls will be on first come first serve basis. Possession of the stall/space will be subject to full balance.


3.1 BDT 50,000 nonrefundable registration fee (last date 15 July 2021)
3.2 Any outstanding balance must be paid by 31 August 2021


Deadline for the cancellation is 15 September 2021. Fees will not be refunded if cancelled after this date. Furthermore, the organiser will have the right to utilize the space/stall in any manner they deem fit, and all the money paid by/ due from the party shall stand forfeited. Please note organiser will not be responsible for visa. In the case of participants not getting UK visa, Curry Life Events will refund the fees without initial taka 50,000 deposits.


The exhibitors have to pay penalty if they bodily harm persons (agents / organisers / exhibitors) or they / their agents, damage the property of fair venue / organiser / other exhibitors during transportation, installation, fair duration and dismantling period. No exhibitors will be allowed to put screw or use drills on partition board.


Organiser will have the right to refuse any application without giving any reason. To amend the terms and conditions and issue additional Rules and Regulations for the exhibitors from time to time which shall be binding on the exhibitor. To recover from the exhibitor any amount remaining unpaid. To recover from the exhibitor compensation for losses / damages caused to the property or reasonable penalty for any willful contravention of these conditions. To postpone, curtail extend or abandon the exhibition or change the venue of exhibition or change the allocations of space/stall or close some or all sections of it temporarily or permanently if unforeseen circumstances arise. In such circumstances, the exhibitor shall not be entitled to withdraw or claim any compensation or damage.


Organisers shall not be responsible for any loss whatsoever incurred by exhibitors and they should obtain insurance coverage for their own and exhibition items against all risks and for the period covering preparation, setting up, currency and dismantling and return travel to the UK.


All exhibitors must obey the pandemic restrictions or policy in place by the UK government. Any fines for the violations of the rules by individuals or by the company must be paid by them, event organiser will not be liable for this. They must follow the rules of social distancing, wearing face masks and other necessary measures in place. In the event of last minutes cancellation due to government restrictions for pandemic, organiser will refund the stall charges deducting proportionate costs (approx. 25%).


Force measure conditions, which also include pandemic, strike, lock down closure, riots, and the organisers reserve the right to alter the opening dates and duration or even cancel the entire exhibition. In case of change in dates and duration of Bangladesh Capital Market Fair the contractual obligation between the exhibitors and the organiser remain unaffected. In case of cancellation of the exhibition the stall charges will be refunded to the exhibitors after deducting the proportionate costs already incurred by the organiser.


Exhibitor will be liable for his or her own accommodation, transportation and food. Organiser will not be responsible any such expenses but participants may seek advice for any of these services from the organiser. The organiser will be happy to assist.


Participants will be responsible for arranging their visa and related expenses. The organiser will provide necessary event documents for the maximum of two persons for each participating company but will not be liable for guaranteeing visa.

For further information or stall bookings send SMS or WhatsApp +44 7956 439 458, Email : info@currylife.uk